dal 5 al 10 settembre 2018 presso Pontical University of St. Thomas Aquinas Largo Angelicum 1 00184 Rome RM, Italy

The Role of Oropharyngeal Development, From Fetus to Adult: Craniofacial Structure and Posture-Rehabilitation and Reversal of Epigenetic Mutation
*With a clear emphasis on both new research and practical clinical treatment


Giuseppe Messina, MD | Italy

•The role of the Tongue Muscles in the Stomatognathic Biomechanics: The Tongue, Mandible, Hyoid System

•(Poster) Changes on Facial Muscles Strength in Children Aged 6-11 Years with Dysfunctional Swallowing


Fabio Scoppa, MD | Italy

•Glosso-postural Syndrome. The Relation Between Tongue Position and Postural Balance

•Poster-Tongue Posture, Swallowing and Cerebral Areas Activation: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

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